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SEASON 2017 / 2018


1. To assure versatile development of children and youth.
2. To facilitate preparation of high level basketball players.

4. To provide mutual exchange of experience in sports and pedagogic activities.

5. To assure regular international relations.

6. To determine best Europe state and basketball girls' team. 



1. EGBL competitions shall be organized and coordinated by EGBL board, chaired by EGBL president. Office of the board shall be located in Riga.

2. Each team is under responsibility to organize a stage (domestic) of EYBL once in two seasons, but recommended no further than 1000 kilometers from center of EYBL, i.e. Riga.

3.If organizers can not execute the 2.2. conditions, but they want to organize stage in their city. Organizers obligation is to compensate the traveling expenses of teams, whose distance from the stage venue is 1000 kilometers or more. Participant’s obligation is to get agreement with organizers about their mode of transport and costs of transport
4. Each stage of competitions can take place only in accordance with the order determined in the Appendix 1 of the present Statute. The stage shall be organized by the club or basketball federation of the country, which can manage it following the terms mentioned in the paragraphs 2.2., 2.7., 7.1., 7.2. of the Statute.
5. In order to assure necessary number of referees, each team participating in the stage shall be responsible for attendance of one field referee.

6. The organizers of the stage shall assure clerical personnel and necessary staff. The organizer of the particular stage is under responsibility to provide the game statistics (technical secretariat) and online, send the copy to: .

7. All expenses on organization, accommodation of participants and meals shall be covered by organizers of the stage.

8. Travel expenses shall be covered by the guest team.
9. The organizer of the particular stage is under responsibility to provide the game statistics and online. Send the copy to: .
10. Address: Terbatas Street 83b, Riga, LV-1001, Latvia, phone/fax.: + 371 67 898 132,
E-mail: Home page: , .  

1. EGBL championship shall take place from September through May, based on approved schedule.
2. EGBL competitions opening shall take place in October during one of the first stages.  

1. EGBL championship in 2017/2018 season shall take place in 5 age groups – U19, 1999/200 year born (8 teams), U17, 2001/2002 year born (24 teams), U15, 2003/2004 year born (32 teams), U13, 2015 year born (16 teams) and U12, 2006 year born (8 teams).
2. In competitions 2017/2018 the teams participate, if 2.3, 2.4,2.6, 8.1, 9.2,9.3 items of the Statutes are executed.

3. Depending on the number of teams, alterations in the Statute might be introduced in the next several years, as well as number of teams representing one country might be limited.

4. Each team may involve 2 guest players.

5. Player who gets a disqualification may not play the next game.
6. Each team is allowed to declare two players, that are one year older than the age group, if this players birthday is on December 1st or later, in U19 group of age – one team can declare one player that is born no in year 1998.
7. Team is allowed to declare new players and players may change the team for another one during the season up to 28th of February year 2018.  


1.EGBL championship shall take place in 3 stages, concluded with the super final, participants of which shall be determined by total results of all stages.

2. 8 teams divided into four groups, shall participate in each stage. In each round four games are played with the teams of other subgroup and one game within the same subgroup.
3. In the contest of the round teams play with each other for 4 x 8 minutes (additional time 4 minutes).
4. Stage contests are carried out within three days + the day of arrival.
5.In case the team does not take part in some round, it receives 0 points in all games of the stage;
6. In the super final can play those teams who gets the most points from all season.
7. In case if some teams gets equal points, then the team who won the game between these two teams – goes to superfinal. If there are more teams with equal points, then to superfinal goes those teams that has the best points +/-.
8. In case if these results are equal, then the team who have more winning games in the last stage, that team goes to super final.
9. In case the team does not take part in some stage, the organizer is rightful to invite any other club team of its country, which takes part out of competition.
10.The organizer of the stage is obligated to send the results of the contest to the Management of EGBL at the end of each day of the contest. The organizer of the stage is obligated to send the final results to the Management of EGBL within 5 days from the end of the stage.

11. Age group U12 and U13 plays with 5th size basketball ball.

12. If any team cancels the participation at any time, the league can provide any other competitive team to the league.
13. U12 and U17 teams from second groups plays every stage like it is mentioned in point 6.8.
14. Season 2017/2018 results will show, how teams will be divided to play season 2018/2019 (group U15):teams will be divided in two divisions -
  1st – 8th placed teams will play in A un B groups, but 9th – 16th placed teams will play in 2nd division.
15. After the results of season 2017/2018 (group U17) will be divided in two divisions. 1st – 11th placed teams from group A and 1st – 5th placed teams from group B next season will play in first division. But 12 – 16th placed teams from A group and 6th – 8th placed teams from group B will play in second division.

16. In all the next seasons, in group ages where is A and B divisions, counting the previous results of season will be changes like this: teams that took place from 1st – 3rd place in second division (EGBL regular season) will go to the first division, but teams that took place from 14th – 16th place in first division – will go to second division.


1. The best EGBL teams shall be determined in the super final.

2. In the Super Final of the girls born in 1999/2000 (U19), teams that have gained 1st – 3rd places according to the number of points, plus the team that organizes the super final, shall participate in the super final. In case the super final organizer team is between these 3 best teams, the 4th best team is invited to join the super final.

3. In the Super Final of the girls born in 2001/2002 (U17), there will participate 8 teams. The teams taken places 1st –4th place, in second group the teams that took 1st – 2nd place, also teams (1st group 5th place and 2nd group 3rd place), that has got the most wins, if the wins are the same then the team that has better +/- will take place in super final, plus the team organizing super final. If the organizing team already gets in super final, then the next best team from the highest group will be offered to play in super final.
4. In the Super Final of the girls born in 2003/2004 (U15) there will participate 8 teams, that took 1st – 4th place in first and second group. If the super final organizer team is not between the best teams, then in the super final gets first 3 placed teams plus organizer team.
5. In the Super Final of the girls born in 2005 (U13) there will participate 8 teams, in accordance with the points that is received from the 1st till the 8th places. If the team organizing super final is not between best 8 teams, in the super final will participate best 7 teams plus the super final organizing team.
6. In the Super final of girls born in 2006 (U12) there will participate teams from 1st-3rd team in accordance with the points, plus super final organizing team. If the organizing team is between the first 3 best teams, then the 4th placed team will be offered to play in super final.
7. In super final the playing time is 4x10 minutes.

8. In super final 8 teams according to gained points in 3 stages are determined into 2 subgroups:
  Subgroup 1: 1st place, 4th place, 5th place, 8th place   Subgroup 2: 2nd place, 3rd place, 6th place, 7th place   The subgroup teams play with each other: A1 - B2, A2 – B1, winners fight for 1st place in the final, losers fight     for 3rd place in the final   A3 - B4, A4 - B3 winners fight for 5th place in the final, losers fight for 7th place in the final
9. In super final four teams plays group tournament (3 games). First and second placed teams will play in finals for 1st and 2nd place, 3rd and – 4th places team will play the bronze game for 3rd place.

1. The organizers of the stage and super final shall award the teams that have gained 1st – 3rd places with team medals, diplomas, cups, also with individual and team prizes.

2. Each stage and super final shall determine and award:
- the most valuable player of the tournament (MVP); - the most scoring player of the tournament; - All star five of the tournament.
3. Organizers of the tournament shall have a right to increase the number of prizes.

4. Every playing team in every stage shall get individual awards - (T-shirts with EGBL logo).

5. Super final organizers must provide extra prizes for the first 3 placed teams for players and coaches.


1. Participants applications for season 2017/2018 (and players photo and team/club logo) for the season shall be sent to and till 15. September, 2017.

2. One team can apply no more than 20 players for the competition in all season time, indicating year of birth, height, player’s number, participation in the club (for non-players).

3. Applications of the participants of the stage (players, coaches, team’s manager, bus driver – 14 persons in addition to 1 referee) shall be submitted to the organizers of the stage prior to the beginning of the games no later than 10 days before every stage begins.

4. During the season, new players should be applied separately (showing the date of birth, players number, name, last name) no later than 10 days before every stage starts. All the information must be sent to


1.Each team shall pay season participation fee 300 € EUR for covering clerical and organizational expenses of EGBL.
. Participation fee shall be paid by 15th of September 2017.
3. If the team arrives on a stage without the referee - penalty 100 € EUR.
4. If the team has submitted the application form for participation in a season 2017/2018. and refuses to participate in some of stages - penalty 1000 € EUR, which should be paid prior to the beginning the following stage.
5. Organizers of a stage have right to commit organization of their stage (home stage) to Management of EGBL
by transferring to bank account of EGBL 8000 € EUR, which is approximately needed amount of money for organizing of the stage.
6. Each team transferred to the EGBL bank account 4000 € EUR, which is approximately half of the amount needed for one stage organization, if the team has hosted a home stage during the season then the money is hold in league as a participation fee for next season.
7. Each team pays a guarantee deposit (for the participation of the team in EGBL) before the begging of the season the beginning of the first round – 1000 € EUR , which is returned to the club, if the team has executed the rules .
8. Teams having disregarded the clauses 9.2., 9.6. and 9.7.are not allowed to take part in the contest.

European Girls Basketball League (EGBL)
Reg. No. 40008218892

Address : 83b Terbatas street, Riga, LV-1001
Phone/fax: +371 67898132,
GSM +371 29640011

Bank account: A/S Swedbank
Account number: LV75HABA0551037935367
President of EGBL:
                                                      Igo Zanders


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